Tuesday Townhall | Ep. 014 | VRstudios

We have some very special guests for our very first prerecorded Tuesday Townhall Podcast. Our friends from VRstudios are here to share a HUGE announcement. Join us for some fun as we announce the future of Fun Spot and the adventure park industry.

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  1. T. Ron Davis

    Nice podcast on VRstudios. BTW – the company name and registered trademark is VRstudios This is often confused by various VR studios. I look forward to more news.

    1. Albert Moses

      Thanks so much! We had a great time cutting with the folks from VRstudios. You are correct on the naming. I will make sure all of the typos are taken care of. We got so excited to announce that we let a few slip through the cracks.

      Have a great night!

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