Tuesday Townhall | Ep. 20 | SUMBA (Maintenance and Training software for Adventure Parks)

Scott & Al discuss SUMBA with Matt Hubbard and Jason Proffitt. Sumba is a software that works to mitigate identifiable risks in order to minimize, monitor, and control the probability of events. Through the SUMBA App you will be able to order replacement parts for any broken components of your attractions or equipment. You will also have access to request a certified SUMBA Squad member to perform the installation of your replacement part, or even perform general maintenance to your attractions. Contacts: Scott Benjamin:scott.benjamin@funspot.com Matt Hubbard: matt@funspot.com Jason Proffitt: jason@sumballc.com Al Moses: Albert.moses@funspot.com Visit our Websites: https://townhall.funspot.com/episodes/ https://www.funspot.com

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